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Before You Go...

If you don't want to be friends any more thats ok... but we care about you and your health!

As our gift, if you buy 1 Frontline Diabetes or Neuropathy we will give you 1 FREE bottle


I created Frontline products because I wanted give people a safe, natural and effective solution that would truly support health based on my clinical research.  

Frontline products are here to help put you in control of your health and help you live life on your terms.  

I’m so proud of what Frontline Diabetes has been able to do for amazing people, like Ms. Ross: 

I have noticed my blood sugar seems to be levelling off below 150 mg/dL [8.3 mmol/L] and not rising much above 150 when I eat. My appetite has lessened, and I am sleeping better. I have stopped taking metformin and don't appear to need to restart it. My blood sugar measurements daily are the best they have ever been!”

And for what Frontline Neuropathy has been able to do for Mr. Wannous:

"I have been using Frontline Neuropathy for my diabetic neuropathy for the last 5-6 months. I am literally amazed by its effectiveness. It is still not perfect, but the difference is just stunning. This time last year I couldn’t walk or even stand on my feet the pain was staggering, I couldn't feel heat or cold on my feet. Now when my feet get cold, I feel it!! Thank you, Dr. Evan, this is just incredible!!"

 If you’ve been searching for a natural solution for neuropathy… or a natural way to get control of your blood sugar… or simply want to optimize your health… 

That’s exactly what the research behind Frontline products shows.