3 Strategies to Get Your Feet Ready for Spring

With spring about to come into full bloom, it is time to talk about the 3 strategies to get your feet ready for spring. 

I bet you have kept your toes bundled up in warm socks all winter long. With warmer weather comes the fun of wearing sandals, bare toes and maybe even going barefoot! But for many people with diabetes or peripheral neuropathies, this can be dangerous for several reasons.



Footwear Fit


Those sandals you wore last summer might not fit anymore. Before you go out for a long walk in your favourite spring shoes, check to make sure your footwear still fits properly. Jumping right back into it could result in a blister or a foot sore. If you have some signs of neuropathy, it is important to have someone else check the fit of your footwear in case you can not feel and tight spots.



Skin Care


A long winter can dry out the skin on your feet. Make sure that you use an appropriate moisturizer to keep your skin soft and healthy. Skin that has been treated with moisturizers with pro-skin lipids and nutrients is stronger and can help prevent cuts and skin damage. Did you know that omega-3s are also important for skin health!? Our pro-nerve fats also play an important role in keeping skin strong and healthy. 



Nail Care and Foot Care

Proper nail care is important for overall foot health. Foot care in general is important for diabetics. If nails grow too long or are not shaped properly, this can increase the risk of ulcers or infections. People with diabetes are also at risk of nail infections or nail fungus that can cause further complications. An early sign is a discolouration of toenails. 



If you would like to see a foot care specialist, at a local foot care clinic to make sure your feet and nails are ready for spring, please check out the Nutarniq Clinical Partners.