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Nutarniq EssentialsDiabetic Neuropathy Supplement is a clinical grade, full spectrum omega-3 supplement developed by Dr. Evan Lewis based on his clinical research of nerve structure and function. Using natural triglyceride form omega-3s, Nutarniq Essentials contains all three pro-nerve omega-3s and is designed for rapid digestion and absorption in the mouth and in the GI tract. This is a high-impact supplement developed for meaningful patient outcomes. 

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Nutarniq Essentials Diabetic Neuropathy Supplement can be used to:

  •  Support healthy nerve function
  • Manage neuropathy symptoms
  • Support neuromuscular function / muscle fatigue
  • To increase omega-3 s EPA, DPA and DHA
  • Resolve inflammation
  • Improve peripheral circulation
  • Lower triglycerides and cholesterol
  • Improve HDL / LDL ratio

    Monitor progress with Nutarniq Essentials Diabetic Neuropathy Supplement: