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Nutarniq was founded on the nerve regenerating science of Dr. Evan Lewis PhD. His mission is to develop nutrition therapies for nerve health that go beyond masking symptoms.

Nutarniq Essentials provides all of the pro-nerve fats essential for the maintenance and regeneration of nerves that we no longer get from our diet. 

See what our nutrition therapy can for your health today.

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Nutarniq Success Story

After finishing the first bottle I have noticed a decrease in the stabbing pain from my diabetic neuropathy. I have also noticed improvements in digestion and sleep.


I have noticed a vast improvement in my feeling and touch. The burning in my feet has decreased.  Nutarniq is part of my daily routine and I would highly recommend it. 


I have diabetic neuropathy causing numbness and pain in my feet.  I was taking about 4 Lyrica pills per day for the pain.  After 5-months of using Nutarniq Essentials, I noticed that the numbness and the nerve pain in my legs was not as severe and now I only take 1-2 Lyrica pills per day.


I have quite bad osteoarthritis in my back and knees and at times I had unexplained falls.

After taking only half a bottle I started to have less pain. Over several months I have continued to improve using stairs and walking. I am thankful for the benefits and will continue to take Nutarniq for maintenance purposes.


Great product! Has helped me immensely with my sciatica. Now pain free! Amazing! Yes diet and exercise very important. All together a winning combination. Proven and tested.


Nutarniq is transforming health

Our Mission is to research and develop targeted nutritional therapies to optimize the health of individuals with chronic diseases and disease complications. Nutarniq is founded in ethical and sustainable practices that will provide the highest quality therapeutic products.

Nutarniq is an Inuit word meaning regenerative and restorative. Our team of scientists and doctors take inspiration from our name to develop clinical grade targeted nutritional therapies for chronic diseases and disease complications.