Nutarniq Essentials Diabetic Neuropathy Supplement

Developed by Dr. Evan Lewis, leader in nutrition and nerve regeneration

Understanding Diabetic Neuropathy


Who is at risk?

Diabetes causes nerve damage, diagnosed as diabetic neuropathy. This is the most common complication of diabetes that affects over 50% of type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Individuals with pre-diabetes can develop diabetic neuropathy.


What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy include numbness, pain and loss of sensations starting in the hands and feet. Over time neuropathy leads to impaired balance and difficulty walking. This increases the risk of falls, foot trauma, ulceration and amputation.


What can I do?

Nutarniq Essentials provides the essential omega-3s for the development and maintenance of nerves. It can be used alone or as part of your health care provider's neuropathy treatment plan.

Backed by clinical science

Why it works

Nutarniq Essentials is a full spectrum omega-3 supplement that provides all the pro-nerve omega-3s needed to optimize nerve structure and function.  The unique structure of Nutarniq Essentials allows omega-3s to be absorbed under the tongue (sublingual) and then in the intestines.

Your Neuropathy Solution

Nutarniq Essentials was developed because there are no drugs to stop nerve damage. If you are experiencing nerve pain or have neuropathy, then you should try Nutarniq Essentials today. This is the leading non-drug nutrition therapy for neuropathy designed to bring nerve regenerating science out of the lab and into your medicine cabinet. Nutarniq Essentials is ISO 9001 certified, approved by Health Canada and HACCP certified.

The Development of Nutarniq Essentials

The Opportunity

Physicians can not stop the peripheral nerve damage that causes diabetic neuropathy. Current therapies mask painful symptoms using drugs, including opioids.

The Ideal Therapy

The ideal therapy for diabetic neuropathy is the essential nutrients needed to reverse nerve damage. Nerves are made of water, proteins, minerals and fats - including omega-3 fats. Current dietary intakes of omega-3s is very low and and supplementation is an effective way to consume these essential fats. 

The Clinical Results

Dr. Lewis conducted the first clinical trial in humans that prevented and reversed diabetic neuropathy. Trial results showed that 1-year of omega-3 therapy caused nerve regeneration, measured by a 29% increase in nerve length (average result). Therapy prevented disease progression, especially in high-risk patients. The results were published in the prestigious journal Neurology.

The Outcome

Nutarniq Essentials was developed by Dr. Lewis to provide diabetics with a full spectrum omega-3 supplement targeted for diabetic neuropathy and other nerve injury conditions.

Nutarniq Essentials is the only nutrition therapy available for neuropathy that is supported by peer-reviewed clinical research.


I have quite bad osteoarthritis in my back and knees and at times I had unexplained falls and sometimes felt that my legs didn't want to do what they should. I was really pleasantly surprised when after taking only half a bottle I started to have less pain and could walk a bit better. Over several months I have continued to improve - using stairs, walking and sleeping are much better! I am thankful for the benefits to date and will continue to take Nutarniq for maintenance purposes.


Nutarniq is an important part of my daily routines for healthy living with Type 1 diabetes. I love the flavour, ease of use and nave noticed improvements in my vision and in foot sensations.


Great product. Has helped me immensely with my Sciatica. 7 months ago. Now pain free .. Amazing .. And yes .. Diet and exercise very important. All together a winning combination. Proven and tested!


I have being using Nutarniq Essentials for 4.5 months at 10 mL/D and can feel my feet again when I swim.


As a diabetic, it is very important that I keep my nerves from getting damaged. Nutarniq Essentials is the only option for me and it is evidence based. 


Awesome product! I signed up for the auto ship to make sure I keep my nerves healthy and stay neuropathy free.


As a strong believer in preventative health care through a low carb diet. I am also taking Nutarniq Essentials as an additional element to further enhance my long term health. Taste is great with a subtle lemon flavour.


I have intolerance to fish oil, I have been using this product for 5 months as a test for ease of digestion: I have had no digestive problems whatsoever!