Nutarniq Brand Ambassador

The Nutarniq Brand Ambassador program is designed to build and engage a community and promote the Nutarniq mission: 
To research and develop targeted nutritional therapies to optimize the health of individuals with chronic diseases and disease complications. Nutarniq is founded on ethical and sustainable practices that will provide the highest quality therapeutic products.


Are you a social innovator or nutrition/lifestyle champion? Do you think you embody the values of Nutarniq? Contact us to learn more about the Brand Ambassador Program.

Linda Dawson RPN, FCN

Linda Dawson Nutarniq Brand Ambassador

Linda exudes a deep passion for helping others that has been built upon a strong foundation of nursing. Linda’s career as a Registered Practical Nurse has spanned over 40 years where she has practiced in various hospital and community care settings in Canada in geriatrics, long-term care, rehabilitation, psychiatry and palliative care. She also leads a successful private Nursing Foot Care practice serving clients in her community of Kitchener, Ontario and an Advanced Nursing Foot care Education business for over 27 year. Through this first-hand experience, Linda has developed therapeutic relationships with a broad spectrum of clients, assessing and treating the most advanced foot ailments, and providing relief and healing to her clients. She also has honed her teaching skills as she transforms skilled nurses into specialized foot care nurses.

Mark Kerwin
Nutarniq Ambassador - Mark Kerwin

Mark is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations transform through supportive environments while focusing on workplace wellness, personal mastery and self-care. Mark loves to share better visions and actions with other compassion pirates around great food and beautiful spaces. He is has started a podcast called Transformation Trip focusing on positive transformations of people, spaces and organizations. Mark is also a global ambassador for Team Diabetes, a positive behaviour modification program and fundraising arm of Diabetes Canada. He has raised over $100,000 to date and is closing in on his 7th continent for Team Diabetes, concluding with a half marathon in Antarctica in 2020. You can support Team Diabetes and Mark with a charitable donation administered through Diabetes Canada and you will receive a tax receipt!
You can follow Mark online:
Twitter: @markkerwin
Instagram: @markkerwin
Facebook: Alleywayofdreams