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How to use Frontline Neuropathy

I don't have diabetes or neuropathy, can I still take Frontline Neuropathy?

Yes, Frontline Neuropathy is a very high quality natural health product that provides all omega-3s that are essential for the maintenance of good health along supporting overall nerve health.

How long will a bottle of Frontline Neuropathy last?

If you take a maintenance dose of 5 mL (1 tsp) per day, a bottle will last 30 days.

If you take a therapeutic dose of 10 mL (2 tsp) per day, a bottle will last 15 days.

How long should I take Frontline Neuropathy?

Frontline Neuropathy provides essential omega-3s for your health and is safe to take long term. Dr. Lewis’ research showed supplementation resulted in nerve regeneration after 1-year of supplementation.

How do I take Frontline Neuropathy?

Place 1 tsp (5 mL) under your tongue. Let the oil remain in your mouth for at least 1 minute and then swallow. You can take 5 mL one or two times per day.

When should I take Frontline Neuropathy?

To maximize the absorption of Frontline Neuropathy, take it before meals.

Does Frontline Neuropathy come in capsules?

No, Frontline Neuropathy is a liquid supplement so that some of the omega-3s can be quickly absorbed in the mouth. This provides superior performance to capsule products.

How do I store Frontline Neuropathy?

Frontline Neuropathy should be stored away from direct heat and light and refrigerated after opening. 

How do I order Frontline Neuropathy?

Please visit our online store to place your order and have it delivered to your door.


What research supports the use of Frontline Neuropathy?

Dr. Lewis performed the first clinical trial showing that a unique omega-3 supplement stopped the progression of diabetic neuropathy and caused nerve regeneration. Frontline Neuropathy is the product developed by Dr. Lewis’ company Nutarniq Corp, to provide a solution for those suffering from neuropathy or those at risk. Dr. Lewis’ trial research paper can be found here.

How did this trial show nerve regeneration?

Nerve regeneration was measured using corneal confocal microscopy. This technique allows researchers to image the cornea of the eye, which has the highest density of nerve fibres in the body. In Dr. Lewis’ trial, 1-year of supplementation caused a 29% increase in corneal nerve fibre length (average result). The change in corneal nerve fibres is representative of small nerve fibres throughout the body.

How do nerves regenerate?

For nerves to grow or regenerate, the body must have the necessary building blocks to support this process. The body uses the omega-3 DHA to grow, maintain or regenerate nerves.

What do omega-3s EPA and DPA do?

Omega-3s EPA and DPA are important for many functions in the body. They resolve inflammation, are important components of cells and can also be converted to DHA to support nerve structure.

Are the effects of Frontline Neuropathy different between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?

Dr. Lewis’ trial only tested individuals with type 1 diabetes; however, the development of diabetic neuropathy and the mechanisms by which participants improved is similar between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 

How do I order Frontline Neuropathy?

Please visit our online store to place your order and have it delivered to your door.


How do I order more Frontline Neuropathy?

Please visit the store to place an order.

Is a subscription service available?

Yes! You can subscribe for regular shipments of Frontline NeuropathySubscribers will save 10% off the order price.

I live outside of Canada, can I order Frontline Neuropathy?

At this time, Frontline Neuropathy is not available in the US or EU, but if you live in the US or EU you can purchase Frontline Diabetes, which provides symptom relief and nerve protection. For other international orders please contact sales@nutarniq.com


Is Frontline Neuropathy safe for me?

Yes, Frontline Neuropathy exceeds all Health Canada quality and safety standards. 

Are there heavy metals in Frontline Neuropathy?

Our unique manufacturing process removes heavy metals and toxins to produce a pharmaceutical grade product. Frontline Neuropathy exceeds the Health Canada standards for oil quality. 

Under what conditions is Frontline Neuropathy manufactured?

Our manufacturing complies with Health Canada GMP, ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP.

I do not have Diabetes, can I still take Frontline Neuropathy?

Yes, Frontline Neuropathy provides all omega-3s that are essential for health.

Can children takeFrontline Neuropathy?

Yes, according to Health Canada, children 8 years and under should not exceed 7 mL per day. Children 9-13 years should not exceed 10 mL per day. Children 14-17 years should not exceed 13 mL per day. 

What are potential side effects?

Omega-3 supplementation can have many positive side effects that improve overall health such as improved mood, focus, energy, and lower blood pressure. Frontline Neuropathy can also help to reduce serum triglycerides and support cardiovascular health.

What are potential adverse events?

It is possible that new users might experience a headache, nausea, loose stool or an upset stomach. If any of these events occur, decrease your daily dose or stop taking the supplement. 

How do I order Frontline Neuropathy?

Please visit our online store to place your order and have it delivered to your door.