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There is hope!

Until now, there have been few options that address the pain and reduced mobility from sciatica and arthritis. Healthcare practitioners have often been left to prescribe medications that only mask the painful symptoms. While Nutarniq Essentials is hard at work every day, changes are often noticed in 4 – 8 months. 


Great product! Nutarniq Essentials has helped me immensely. While writing this I'm trying to remember why I came to you 7 months ago. Oh yes, my Sciatica. I am now pain free! Yes, diet and exercise are very important and altogether a winning combination, proven and tested.Ron

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Nutarniq Essentials is the targeted nutritional therapy for people with sciatica and arthritis

Nutarniq Essentials was developed from the latest clinical research conducted by Dr. Evan Lewis. In this research, Dr. Lewis has shown that using pro-nerve fats, as a targeted nutritional therapy is an effective way to support nerve damage that causes painful symptoms. This same nutrition therapy also has the ability to improve arthritis by resolving joint inflammation.


I have quite bad osteoarthritis in my back and knees and at times I had unexplained falls and sometimes felt that my legs didn't want to do what they should. I was really pleasantly surprised when after taking only half a bottle I started to have less pain and could walk a bit better. Over several months I have continued to improve - using stairs, walking and sleeping are much better! I am thankful for the benefits to date and will continue to take Nutarniq for maintenance purposes.
- Cynthia

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Feed your body back to health with Nutarniq Essentials

Dr. Lewis’ mission was to find a natural way to stop nerve pain, and his research shows that it is even possible to regenerate damaged nerves. Many users that also have complains of joint pain have been surprised at the improvement in their mobility.  This natural approach is the ideal way to help people live an active healthy life that is not restricted by sciatica or arthritis.

But how does Nutarniq Essentials work?

Nutarniq Essentials provides all of the pro-nerve fats essential for the maintenance and regeneration of nerves that we no longer get from our diet. By providing the body with these essential pro-nerve fats, your body now has the building blocks needed to maintain nerve health and repair early damage. These same fats are also important for cushioning joints resolving inflammation caused by arthritis.
While Nutarniq Essentials is hard at work every day, it takes time for our nutrition therapy to start improving your health. Over the first 14-21 days of use, Nutarniq Essentials changes the composition of the cells in your body. This time, allows our pro-nerve fats to get to work helping your nerves health and working to reduce inflammation. Early changes in symptoms can be noticed in as little as 1-month; however, keeping nerves and joints healthy is an ongoing process. 

Morning stiffness from my arthritis is reduced and my knees don't hurt as much when I climb stairs. Nutarniq is part of my daily routine. It’s a great product and I would highly recommend it. - April

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