5 Foods You Should Never Eat if You Have Neuropathy

Choosing proper nutrition is the best front-line strategy for keeping your nerves healthy and managing neuropathy. While a well-balanced diet is a foundation for your health, there are several foods to avoid. 

Sugar & Refined Grains cause a rapid spike in blood sugar. High blood sugar is one of the primary causes of nerve damage, so keeping blood sugar controlled is the best strategy for stopping further nerve damage.

Gluten can be an inflammatory food for many people with neuropathy. Be careful of pre-packaged gluten-free foods, as these can contain added sugars that damage nerves. 

Artificial Sweeteners found in diet and 0 calorie sodas can trigger neuropathy symptoms by increasing the sensitivity of nerves. Another reason why water is so important in your diet due to the double whammy of sugar and artificial sweeteners on neuropathy.

Alcohol is a toxin for nerves and cause neuropathy. Alcohol can also cause nutritional deficiencies that can worsen neuropathy symptoms.

Saturated Fats from fatty red meats and dairy can increase inflammation that can damage nerves and worsen diabetes.  

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