5 Things YOU Can Do For A Loved One Living With Chronic Pain

In complicated pain conditions there are two kinds of pain: bearable and unbearable. Most of the time it is the latter. This can be incredibly hard for loved one to comprehend. There are no breaks or moments of respite in the life of a chronic pain sufferer. None. The pain is constant, swiftly making you forget what pain-free or comfortable ever felt like.


5 Things you can do

5. Understand your loved one's pain is constant. You have had pain before. It can be intolerable, but eventually it goes away. Your loved one has this pain but it NEVER goes. Hard for you to understand. Harder for you to believe. BUT, its true.

4. Help them to help themselves. While your loved one will need your help, they don't want to completely rely on you for everything. Talk about what you can do directly, and what you can do indirectly to empower them to help themselves. Nobody want to be a burden all the time. They want to be able to fight as well. This is a solo battle, but you can support. GO TEAM!

3. Maintain YOUR Life Balance. You are a human too, although some days it seems like you are a superhuman. You need to maintain your own life balance as well, so as resentment doesn't set in. Your loved one knows this. They wish nothing but good for you. If you need to focus on work or whatever for a while, that's okay by them. You are entitled to a time out from being a carer.

2. Educate yourself. Learn about their medications and non-drug therapies. Most drugs have side effects and their non-drug therapies will need to be reordered in time to maintain the improvement levels. Make sure you are familiar with all aspects, because some days they will be in so much pain that they may forget.

1. NEVER EVER EVER QUESTION THEIR PAIN. You can question what level it is at today, but NEVER question if they are in pain. It's a disability. It may not necessarily come with a visible sign like a wheelchair, or a gaping wound. But its REAL. Questioning their pain is a huge insult as it implies they are lying to you.

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