Are you choosing the best for your health?

Many people shop for supplements like they do underwear:
  • Does it fit what I need?
  • Is it as cheap as possible?

But, when you are investing in your health and looking for supplements to act as nutrition therapy, the underwear criteria just doesn't cut it anymore!

In the infographic below I show why Nutarniq Essentials is the nutrition therapy for your health. If you are shopping for a diabetic neuropathy supplement or a very high-quality omega-3, fish oil just is not cutting it anymore. 

Nutarniq Essentials is superior to fish oil
If you want to invest in your health and optimize your life, then you need to surround your self with the best evidence based products or the most knowledgeable and experienced practitioners. 

For years, fish oil supplements have been the go to for increasing the intake of omega-3s; however, my research is changing the way health conscious shoppers and healthcare practitioners choose their omega03s. 

Nutarniq Essentials is the leader in diabetic neuropathy nutrition therapy.

This is a result of what is in the bottle! This supplement has all three pro-nerve omega-3s that support nerve cell structure, reduce inflammation and support nerve growth and is quickly absorbed in the mouth and the digestive tract. Even if you are not at risk of developing neuropathy, this is a great investment in your health!
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