Change is coming to Diabetes!

It is time to change how we look at disease management. 

The global chronic disease burden is rising faster than ever, despite the number of prescriptions written. While it is impossible to argue that all drugs are bad, we need to look beyond the pill bottle for therapeutic solutions. 

Nutarniq Corp., lead by Dr. Evan Lewis, develops targeted nutritional therapies for chronic disease complications. Nutarniq’s lead product, Nutarniq Essentials Diabetic Neuropathy Supplement, is a novel omega-3 natural health product targeted towards individuals with diabetes and diabetics with neuropathy.

Diabetes is a global pandemic that affects over 415 million people. Over 50% of all diabetics will develop diabetes induced nerve damage, diagnosed as diabetic neuropathy within 10-years of diagnosis. This is the most prevalent and pervasive complication of diabetes. Symptoms of pain and loss of sensations start in the feet, which directly increases the risk of falls, ulceration and amputation. By 2040 the incidence of diabetes is expected to increase 40% within Canada and globally.

Currently there are no therapies that can prevent or reverse nerve damage from diabetes, which leaves a major gap in care for diabetics. A clinical solution that can prevent and reverse neuropathy will have transformative effect for the health of diabetics and significantly reduce diabetes healthcare spending.

Nutarniq Essentials Diabetic Neuropathy Supplement was developed by Nutarniq CEO Dr. Evan Lewis following 4-years of clinical research on nerve health and function. Dr. Lewis’s research in diabetes has demonstrated that nerve damage can be reversed using targeted nutritional therapy. Nutarniq Essentials is a clinical grade omega-3s designed to provide all three essential omega-3s to support nerve structure and function.

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