Chronic Pain – How to thrive while living with chronic pain

If you are living with chronic pain, it can be difficult to enjoy the little things in life. This is why it is important to know as much about chronic pain as possible so you can have as much control over your health as possible. When you are in control, it is possible to live your life your way.

Know your pain triggers– is your pain triggered by an emotional situation, physical movements or is it with you all the time? Knowing this is important for identifying when you might have a painful episode and being able to plan accordingly.

Your health comes first– there are so many opportunities and distraction available to us each day. It is important to choose how you spend your time to that you maximize your health. It is perfectly acceptable to decline an invitation to an event or gathering if you know it will cause a flare up of symptoms or strain your health. Keeping to your sleep and nutrition plans are very important for healing.

Optimize your lifestyle– exercise and sleep are powerful tools for managing your health.  Exercise, such as walking even for brief periods (~15 min) can improve your mental health and immune system. Sleep can be difficult when symptoms are challenging so try some of these tips to optimize your sleep habits.


Nutrition therapy for chronic pain is an important strategy to consider in your daily life with chronic pain.  Nerves are made of many different fats; however, some essential pro-nerve fats are not often found in our diet, which can slow recovery. That is why it can be helpful to use a pro-nerve supplement such as Nutarniq Essentials that contains all of the fats needed to support healthy nerve structure and function while supporting nerve repair.



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