Introducing FRONTLINE by Nutarniq

I am excited to share with you some important news about my company Nutarniq Corp.

I launched Nutarniq Corp over two years ago as a way to bring the omega-3 nutrition therapy from my clinical trial (the first to show nerve regeneration for people with diabetic neuropathy) to the public. I never imagined how quickly the company would grow and how many people would be helped from my Neuropathy Supplement.

Nutarniq is now preparing to add a new revolutionary Diabetes Supplement to our product line. This will help to provide support for people across the diabetes spectrum, in an effort to help people better manage blood sugar and stop the progression of prediabetes and diabetes to neuropathy.

With this new product, comes the potential to bring both our Diabetes Supplement and Neuropathy supplement to different countries that desperately need support. 

With this growth in the company, we have looked long and hard at our branding. From chatting with many customers and Clinical Partners, it has become clear that our current branding 'Nutarniq Essentials' is hindering our growth. 

Our company name, Nutarniq (pronounced nu-tar-nick], is an Inuit word meaning 'new ice forming in crack in old ice'. We interpret this to mean regenerative and restorative, something that is a guiding principle for our nutrition therapies and was the rationale for the brand name 'Nutarniq Essentials'.

However, it has become clear that the pronunciation and spelling of this name is highly variable. This means that people are having a difficult time recommending or referring others to the product/website. 

Ultimately, our company name will always remain Nutarniq Corp to be true to our mission, but starting in early 2020 our products will have a new brand name 'FRONTLINE'. 

Our team has selected FRONTLINE from many good contenders because of the medical meaning behind the name. Access to care, therapies and drugs are classified as frontline, secondary/second-line, tertiary/third-line. 

We see our products as the best evidence-based frontline option for managing different health conditions. For example with our new Diabetes Supplement, we see this as the best frontline nutrition therapy for diabetes management, while Metformin is the frontline drug therapy. 

I am excited for this new chapter at Nutarniq and I appreciate your support and patience as we go through this transition.

Stay healthy,

Dr. Evan