[Clinical] Neuropathy Measurement Tool

If we are not able to objectively measure something, then how can we determine if a change has occurred? This is an important consideration for measuring changes in neuropathy status. 
Without an objective and repeatable test, how can we determine if neuropathy is getting better, staying the same or getting worse? And without this knowledge, it is difficult to maintain or change our treatment approach?
I want to share with you a simple to use disease-specific quality of life measure for neuropathy. This was recently validated across 11 Hospital in North America. The questionnaire was found to be robust and was able to capture important data not only on neuropathy 
symptoms but mental health and quality of life.
I encourage you to download the form below and start using this in your practice.
This is also an effective tool for tracking clients' progress on Nutarniq Essentials!


Nutarniq Essentials Neuropathy Measurement Tool