Nurses Week. Nurse Appreciation. What A Nurse Wants You To Know

May 6-12, 2019 is Nurses Week. It's our chance to show our nurse appreciation for what he or she does. Here are a few things that a nurse wants you to know.


What A Nurse Wants You To Know

Firstly, lets address the Senator in the room. We don’t sit around and play cards all shift! Way to alienate a few million nurses Senator Maureen Walsh. Enough has been said about that by others, so I'll just leave it as it stands. We don't have the time.

RN does NOT stand for refreshments and narcotics. We are here for your healthcare, not just as a person to bring you snacks and ice chips, or more meds. There is a lot more to the job than you sometimes think. That glazed look that slips onto our faces for a second is not just because of starvation and exhaustion. We are assessing your changes in health....all...the...time.


We are people as well. When we lose a patient a piece of us goes with them, even if you don’t see that part because we have to walk next door and take care of another sick person. Also we know that our loss should not effect the care we give to you and/or your loved ones. We cry in our cars and behind closed doors. BUT, we do cry and mourn, just like everyone else does.

We work long hours sometimes without a break or lunch. (No time for cards) If you see us sitting it’s likely behind a computer where we have to chart or things didn’t happen or we are waiting for doctors to call us back to try and get you what you think you need (even if we know it’s not in your best interest and not something they will approve anyway but we still try because you asked.) 


After all of this we go home and have to take care of our homes and families just like you do.

We are people!

And yes while my child is at home not feeling well and really just wanting Mom or Dad (because that’s who children want when they don’t feel well) I’m at work taking care of other people. Yes my child is taken care of by my husband/wife/partner. And yes I take 2 seconds to check on them, even if it’s while I’m quickly shoving food in my mouth while charting before the next patient needs something or a staff member needs something.


To sum it all up. We are people. We care. We have our own lives. We have our own families. BUT, we LOVE what we do. We look after you and try to make your life better because it is what we love doing.

Please try not to appreciate your nurse for one week a year. Try to appreciate them a little bit, every time they do something for you. We notice the nice people.

Nurses, if you read this far you deserve a discount from us. Please share with your nurse friends and your families.