Nutarniq Brand Ambassador: Linda Dawson RPN FCN

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Linda Dawson, Registered Practical Nurse and Foot Care Nurse.  Linda is our newest Nutarniq Brand Ambassador and has had a wonderful experience with Nutarniq Essentials for her neuropathy. Please check out how Linda has used Nutarniq Essentials in the video below.

Linda’s career as a Registered Practical Nurse has spanned over 40 years where she has practised in various hospital and community care settings in Canada in geriatrics, long-term care, rehabilitation, psychiatry and palliative care. She also leads a successful private Nursing Foot Care practice serving clients in her community of Kitchener, Ontario and an Advanced Nursing Foot care Education business for over 27 years. Through this first-hand experience, Linda has developed therapeutic relationships with a broad spectrum of clients, assessing and treating the most advanced foot ailments, and providing relief and healing to her clients. She also has honed her teaching skills as she transforms skilled nurses into specialized foot care nurses. 

I am thrilled to welcome Linda to the Nutarniq Team and we look forward to supporting her and her clients.

Stay healthy,
Dr. Evan