Pre-diabetes and Neuropathy, am I at risk?

The most common complication of diabetes is nerve damage, diagnosed as diabetic neuropathy. Neuropathy is a progressive complication that develops over time with symptoms of numbness, tingling, burning or loss of sensation in the hands or feet.  

It is very common for people with prediabetes to experience these painful symptoms and be diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy, even though they have not been diagnosed with diabetes. In fact this is typically seen in 1 in 4 individuals with prediabetes. 

The nerve damage that causes painful symptoms occurs over time. Months and years of high blood sugar and blood pressure starts causing small amounts of damage. Over time, the damage increases and starts to cause painful symptoms. 

It is important to acknowledge that pre-diabetes is a serious condition that can cause lasting damage to your body. Therefore it is important to take preventative steps to keep your blood sugar under control and keep your nerves healthy by using a pro-nerve nutrition therapy like Frontline Neuropathy.