[PRESS RELEASE] Nutarniq Essentials Partners with SURPiED for Quebec Distribution

[Press Release] For immediate release in Canada only

Nutarniq Corp Partners with SURPiED to distribute Nutarniq Essentials in Quebec 

Nutarniq Corp (Nutarniq) a leading developer of targeted nutritional therapies will partner with SURPiED to distribute Nutarniq products to healthcare providers across Quebec.  

The partnership begins with the distribution of Nutarniq Essentials, the diabetic neuropathy supplement developed from the clinical research of Nutarniq CEO Dr. Evan Lewis PhD, that showed ~30% nerve regeneration in participants with diabetic neuropathy.

“We are excited to expand the distribution of Nutarniq Essentials to healthcare providers in Quebec,” said Dr. Evan Lewis, CEO at Nutarniq. “Our targeted nutritional therapy for neuropathy and nerve health will support the clinical work of SURPiED’s healthcare providers and directly benefit their clients. We are excited to work with the team at SURPiED who are proven leaders in foot care and diabetes education and provide us with important access into the bilingual Quebec market.” 

“I am excited to bring Nutarniq Essentials to our clients across Quebec,” said Isabel Vigneault, CEO at SURPiED. “This evidence-based nutrition therapy fills an import gap in care for patients with diabetes and neuropathy”.


About Nutarniq Corp:      

Nutarniq Corp. develops targeted nutritional therapies for chronic disease complications. Nutarniq’s flagship product, Nutarniq Essentials, is a therapeutic solution for individuals with diabetes and neuropathy. Developed by Nutarniq CEO Dr. Lewis, Nutarniq Essentials is a full spectrum clinical grade omega-3s nutrition therapy designed to provide all of the pro-nerve fats to support the maintenance and regeneration of nerves. For more information visit: www.nutarniq.com.


About SURPiED:               

SURPiED is a leader in the distribution of diabetes and foot care products throughout Quebec. SURPiED is focused on innovative solutions to optimize patient care and providing continuing education to optimize patient care. For more information visit: http://surpied.com


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