3 Strategies To Control Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition that affects joints throughout the body. Affected joints can be warm, swollen, stiff and painful, especially after periods of rest. There are three primary strategies to help control your rheumatoid arthritis.


There is consistent research showing the food we eat directly impacts the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. A diet that is LOW in SATURATED fats; HIGH in UNSATURATED fats; and HIGH in VITAMIN C is helpful for reducing inflammation and supporting the immune system. 

The UNSATURATED fats that are best to alleviate the symptoms are high in Omega-3's. Omega-3s are very important for reducing inflammation and can also support immune health. High doses of the Omega-3 fats EPA and DPA found in nutritional supplements such as Nutarniq Essentials are clinically effective strategies for lowering inflammation and pain while improving quality of life with rheumatoid arthritis. 


A balance has to be made between exercise and rest. While rest relieves the discomfort of inflamed joints, a lack of exercise causes a feeling of stiffness. Eventually, the muscles will also weaken without enough exercise, making the body weaker. Choose lower impact exercise such as swimming, walking and cycling as these will make the joints hurt less than jogging. Some resistance exercise can be used to maintain muscle strength when appropriate with symptoms. Consult with your healthcare provider for recommendations on how to start or improve your exercise program.


In some cases, the rheumatoid arthritis symptoms can be reduced through massage by a qualified massage therapist. They can work the areas surrounding the inflamed joints and reduce pain. In addition, acupuncture can also relieve the pain and promote localized healing. Again be certain to only use the services of a trained acupuncture therapist. 

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