Why we need a neuropathy solution now!

Diabetic neuropathy is an epidemic that has no pharmaceutical cure. Soon this disease will cripple our population and overrun our health care system.

Over 50% of diabetics will develop neuropathy within 10-years of their diabetes diagnosis. This makes neuropathy the most prevalent complication of diabetes. While other complications like cardiovascular disease and kidney disease get a lot of attention, people with neuropathy often suffer in silence. 

Nutarniq Essentials nutrition therapy for diabetic neuropathy
What is nutritional therapy?
Nutrition therapy uses high quality nutrients that the body needs to maintain or optimize health and function. In the case diabetic neuropathy, omega-3 fats are the limiting nutrient for maintaining nerve health or regenerating damaged nerves. 

How does nutritional therapy affect diabetic neuropathy?
To test the effect of omega-3 nutritional therapy on diabetic neuropathy, a group of diabetics took a full spectrum omega-3 containing all the pro-nerve omega-3s (EPA, DPA and DHA) for 1-year. You can find the research paper here. 

My research team expected that nutrition therapy would stop the progression of neuropathy. Instead, we showed nerve regeneration that was measured by a 29% increase in corneal nerve fibre length. What is more important about this finding was who responded to the nutrition therapy!

Participants at 'low risk' of neuropathy remained stable - which is great! Participants that were at 'high risk' and with 'diagnosed neuropathy' had the best response to the nutrition therapy by showing 59% and 27% nerve regeneration. 

What can I do?
Omega-3 nutrition therapy for healthy diabetics maintains nerve health while people with mild neuropathy symptoms (high risk) and consistent neuropathy symptoms (diagnosed neuropathy) can repair their nerves. 

What can you do for your health today?

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