But why does diabetes damage my nerves?

Diabetes causes nerve damage. That sounds pretty straight forward right? But many people want to know HOW?! 

There are three main factors of diabetes that cause nerve damage:  


1. High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar is most often associated with the development and progression of neuropathy. Sugar is a very reactive or damaging substance in the body. When it comes in contact with nerves, it causes damage. If the damage is greater than the nerve can repair, then degeneration occurs. You can learn more about nerve regeneration here.


2. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can decrease the amount of oxygen rich blood that moves through the small blood vessels that supply nerves. Without enough blood, nerves can not get the oxygen and nutrients needed to stay healthy. As a result, nerves can suffocate or starve. 


3. Altered Metabolism

Diabetes is a metabolic disease, meaning the way that your body uses energy is changed. Two of the most noticeable changes are the ability to use sugar and fat. Altered sugar metabolism is discussed in #1. Changes in fat metabolism can be seen from high triglycerides, LDL and low omega-3s.

Factors that contribute to neuropathy

What can we do about changing these risk factors?

1. Stabilize blood sugar

There are great foods options that can support stable blood sugar. Avoid sugary foods and carbohydrate rich foods. Choose meals that emphasize vegetables and healthy fats. If you need additional support Frontline Diabetes Supplement is designed to stabilize blood sugar and reduce cravings for sugary foods.

2. Lower blood pressure

Many people with diabetes are on blood pressure medication prescribed by their doctor. Natural alternatives can include Frontline Clinical Omega-3 that has been shown to lower blood pressure. Also, exercise regularly with 20 minutes of brisk walking or guided exercise can help lower blood pressure.   


3. Support fat metabolism

Make sure to limit unhealthy trans and saturated fats from processed and fried foods. Instead, choose healthy unsaturated fats from nuts, seeds, pasture raised meats and Frontline Neuropathy Clinical Omega-3 to help support your health and regenerate nerve damage. 


If you are concerned you might be at risk of diabetic neuropathy, please learn about other complications HERE and learn how to identify if your symptoms are changing HERE.