Go the extra mile for your nerves!

This article was inspired by a conversation I had with a Frontline Neuropathy user to determine what else could they do to improve their neuropathy symptoms.

The first two steps we all know:
1. Maintain blood glucose control
2. Take Frontline Neuropathy

But what if that is not enough? How do I go the extra mile to help my nerves?

The answer is exercise!

Exercise is the most powerful tool to help improve health. The most common recommendation that people with prediabetes or diabetes receive is to walk for exercise. Walking is a great way to keep your heart healthy and control your blood sugar. However, there is something better for your nerves.

Resistance exercise (lifting weights or bodyweight exercises) and yoga style stretching is a great solution to help your nerves stay healthy. By challenging your muscles with added resistance, you are also challenging your nerves to activate more of your muscles fibres compared to walking. In addition, to using your large muscles, resistance exercise also challenges your small stabilizing or 'balance' muscles. 

When you feel fatigue from resistance exercise, this is the sign that your body is beginning to adapt. The most immediate and important part of these adaptations are the changes that happen in your nerves - growth, remodelling and improved efficiency. All of this translates into healthier nerves that can use more of your muscles more quickly and efficiently. Or in a real world perspective, making it easier to climb stairs or reduced risk of falling. 

Here is a great resource for at home exercises to challenge your muscles and nerves.

**Please consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new exercise program**

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