Getting to know Nutarniq Essentials - EPA

EPA is one of the essential omega-3 fats within Nutarniq Essentials. It is known for its role in maintaining the structural integrity of the cells. This applies not only to nerve cells but to all cells throughout the body. When our diet is low in EPA, the body uses other fats for cell structure that have an inflammatory effect. However, when EPA is added to the diet, it replaces the pro-inflammatory fats and works to resolves inflammation. 

EPA is also involved in maintaining the structure and function of nerves in our brain. There has been considerable research on the use of this omega-3 as a nutrition therapy for dementia and depression. The common theme between both conditions is that lower EPA status (measured from the blood) is associated with higher disease risk and supplementing with EPA can improve mental health status.

Now you might be wondering - if this is the effect of EPA alone, what happens with it comes along with DPA and DHA? The combination of these omega-3s makes for a more powerful supplement that helps to optimize your health. I look forward to sharing the individual effects of DPA and DHA over the coming weeks.


Stay healthy,

Dr. Evan 

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